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The third edition of this classic tutorial-reference on procedural texturing and modeling is thoroughly updated to meet the needs - and exceed the expectations - of today's 3D graphics professionals and students.
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Hide & Seek '08
MojoWorld  - another world every time You touch the mouse...
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Its a dream tool for alien 
       landscape explorers,
           for multiple moon lovers,
                for obsessed with fractals artists,
                    for ...... everyone!
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Recommended Book
David S. Ebert,
F. Kenton Musgrave, Darwyn Peachey,
Ken Perlin,
and Steven Worley
Inside are brand new chapters devoted to real-time issues, cellular texturing, geometric instancing, hardware acceleration, futuristic environments, and virtual universes.
No other book on the market contains the breadth of theoretical and practical information necessary for applying procedural methods. More than ever, Texturing & Modeling remains the chosen resource for professionals and advanced students in computer graphics and animation!
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This huge 10.5 Mb QTVR demonstrates River Terrain
from snowy tops to lowlands
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